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Travel Fashion Bloggers You Need to Check Out

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Oh, the joys of travel. I love experiencing new places! It’s always an adventure when we travel. The struggle is before we even get on the plane, when I’m trying to figure out what to pack. Should I bring the white dress? Or, the black one? Which scarf? Both? I never know! That’s why I love following travel bloggers who specialize in fashion. I love to see what their wearing so I know what to pack for my next destination. Below, are a few of my favorite bloggers. I love their style so be sure to check them out below.

Travel Fashion Bloggers You Need to Check Out

The Blonde Abroad- She’s one of the biggest travel bloggers out there! With a leaning towards luxury travel, it’s no wonder that her outfits always look on-point. Check out Kiersten below.

Paris in Four Months- Carin is all about that chic European lifestyle. If you’re heading to Paris, her blog is the one to check out for cute spots and designer style. Love it!

Gypsea Lust- Lauren Bullen has been traveling with her husband for years now. They’ve got that nomad life down to a science, so expect her style to lean on the more bohemian side.

Ria Michelle- Ria is edgy, cool, and lives life to the fullest. Her style has got to be my favorite. Be sure to check her out ASAP. You won’t be sorry.


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