Street Fashion from Around the World

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From the patterned-influences of South African fashion to the tailored and feminine looks of Australia, there is so much inspiration to be found in other countries. Here’s a highlight of some of my favorite street style looks from years past.


Though it’s a small island, Japan is known for not only creating the most innovative technology, but for introducing the freshest fashion trends to the world. The Japanese street style we mimic here in the States often reflects a much subdued version of the original. At any moment, women and men can be found walking the streets along Harajuku station in eye-catching ensembles that resemble characters we might see on TV.

There are so many branches of Japanese fashion, particularly Harajuku fashion, that incorporate influences from a variety of places. One might find a woman dressed in feminine yet dark gothic clothing in the same place you might find a woman dressed in a candy colored ensemble with an endless amount of jewelry stacked upon each other.

You can translate this street style into your personal wardrobe by adding a brightly colored bow to your outfit or mixing pastels together in one look. While it seems exhausting to wake up every morning and dress to the standard of Japanese street style, the creativity and thought that goes behind these outfits definitely deserves accolades.


While recent headlines told of the Queen’s fashion advice to Duchess Catherine (ahem, to lower her hemlines…), there is no doubt that loyal royal followers will continue to mimic the Duchess’ every fashion move. Nonetheless, it seems that British style mavens still love a good miniskirt – a pleated miniskirt to be precise. Pair your skirt with oversized layers or a preppy top, a chic piece of headwear, and you’re ready to for a day with London locals.


France is known as the home to the most luxurious of fashion houses (Hello, Chanel and Dior!), couture dreams, and all things glamour. Surprisingly, however, Paris street fashion is typically minimalistic, often monochromatic, yet still sophisticated and chic in every way. Truthfully, Parisian women can wear just about anything and the rest of the world will still be swooning over their flawless execution of simple sophistication and grace.

South Africa

Certain parts of South Africa are known for their vibrant and pattern-loving fashions, a style that is certainly embraced throughout the US today. In light of the 2013 popularity of the pattern-mixing trend in the States, one can assume its origin started in the country whose nickname is, so appropriately, “the rainbow nation.

For most of us, pattern mixing-and-matching doesn’t come as naturally. If you’d like to adopt this trend, start off with traditional patterns (polka dots, stripes, florals, etc.) and continue working your way up until you feel confident enough to rock even the most unexpected mixes.




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8 Simple Tips for Dressing For The Job You Want

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Anyone will tell you to “dress appropriately” for an interview. But what does that even mean? Whether you’ve landed an interview for your dream internship or a part-time gig as a barista, these foolproof tips will help you ensure you leave a lasting impression.

1. Always mirror the work environment dress code

If you’re interviewing for a job at a financial institution, you’ll have to stick with basic shapes, as that is the appropriate dress form for that workplace. If you’re interviewing at creative offices then you have more freedom.

2. Pick one brightly colored article of clothing or accessory.

Hello color! If you want to add a pop of color (or color block) this is totally acceptable. Mixing colors is fine just don’t introduce more than one super bright piece or your outfit will just become loud.

3. Don’t default to the standard blazer and pant – unless you really want to.

Skirts and dresses are a great way to stand out. Skirts shouldn’t be too tight or short — pencil skirts or midi skirts are both great options. Tuck in a button up or layer one with a knit for a more conservative look.

4. Dress for the job you want, not the one you had or currently have.

This is important! If you are competing for the position of assistant to the editor-in-chief at Teen Vogue, with the hopes of eventually becoming an editor, dress like an editor would! You’ll feel more empowered and come off that way in the meeting. It makes the world of a difference.

5. As a rule of thumb, one piece of statement jewelry will go a long way.

Don’t over accessorize – it’s distracting. Instead opt for a few bangles, or a bold necklace.

6. Opt for heels where possible.

 Heels give you a lift, make you walk straighter and just elevate any simple look to the next level. If possible, throw a pair on! Just keep it around or under 3″.

7. Keep your makeup natural.

Let all the attention be on what you have to say, not what you have on your face. Go for a simple eyeliner and mascara, with light blush and nude lips. Anything that will make you look polished, work awake and vibrant is perfect. 

8. Dress to flatter your body type.

This should seem obvious, but the most important thing about dressing well is always flattering your individual body type with things that fit you best. That plan-b knit top that works so well when you’re in a rush – that’s probably the kind of the thing you want to consider, not the leopard print pants you’ve but test drove once to your BFF’s house party.

Do you have any other tips to share about dressing for an interview? Comment below with your ideas!



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Why You Need to Care for Your Shoes

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Just as you take care of your clothes and jewelry, shoes also need some tender loving care. A few minutes of your time each week can give you a sparking collection of shoes that can last for a lifetime! 

1. They’ll Last Longer – It comes without saying that every time I pick up a shoe I love, I immediately cherish it in my closet and can’t imagine not having them in 10 years! Shoes are a part of my daily outfit, after all, so I make sure to take care of them so they last.

2. You’ll Have More Options – If you manage to make your shoes last longer, you’ll end up with a nice big collection of shoes. The kind of collection that would make any fashionista jealous! Having a huge collection will give you an option for every occasion, which will make you a fashion icon among your friends. Just one warning: make sure you have the closet space for your collection!

3. You’ll Save Money – How many times have you had to run out and buy a pair of shoes to go with your outfit for an upcoming event just because you don’t have anything in your closet that would work? Buying shoes in a bind not only causes stress, but also it can force you into buying a pair that’s more expensive – not ideal! By regularly taking care of your shoes to make them last longer, you can save a couple of extra trips to the shoe department and eventually save a lot of money.

Tips for Caring for your Shoes

1. Keep them stored neatly. – Ideally in the original box or dust bag, but if not                    you can invest in a shoe rack that has enough space for your collection. You’ll                          avoid damaging your shoes by keeping them in their own place rather than piled                    high in the corner.

2. Spray new shoes with a waterproof protector. – It will keep the surface from getting damaged if they do get wet in the rain.

3. Alternate pairs. - You want your shoes to have time to breathe between being worn. Also, if they get wet, let your shoes dry for several hours before putting them in the back of your closet.

4. Wear hose or sock liners. - These will protect against perspiration, which eat away at the insoles.




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6 Ways to Wear Silk Head Scarves

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Playing around with my grandma’s vintage scarves as a girl was always a fun pastime – and boy am I glad I saved a few of those gems! That’s right, silk head scarves are back ladies! Here’s my favorite ways to wear these beautiful accessories as inspired by my grandma!

1. Turban Style

 The second style is the turban and looks best with twists. Gather all the twists into a low ponytail and place the scarf on your head with the long side on the back. Grab the long hanging ends and tie them in the front twice. Twist each end and tuck them into the back of the turban. Then grab the front and roll it into itself and tuck it into the node at the top. Release the twists in the back and you are good to go on your funky turban style.

2. Buns

Grab all your hair and wrap it into a lose bun. Place the scarf with the long side in the front and make sure it completely covers the bun. Then tie the scarf to secure it. Grab one of the ends, wrap it around the bun and secure it underneath the scarf. Repeat the on the other side. Push it back to reveal a bit of hair and you are done.

3. Crazy Pirate

This style is perfect for beachwear! Place the scarf with the long side in the front. Tie the two ends twice, high up on the side of your head, right over your ear. This will look great with any bathing suit for a day at the beach.

4. The Chiquita Banana

This is one of my favorites and I call it Chiquita Banana. Wrap the scarf around your head and tie it in the front. Tie it 3 times and then twist each end and tuck it into the scarf.

5. Twisted Knot

Wrap the scarf around your head towards the back. Bring the two ends to the front and tie them in a knot twice. Twist the remaining two ends together and tuck it into the side of the scarf and you are done.

6. Criss-Crossed

This one is similar to the Chiquita Banana. Place the scarf on your head and bring the ends towards the front. Cross the ends twice then cross them again. Tie them in the back twice to secure them, then tuck it the ends.

So what do you think? Will you try these vintage-inspired silk scarf looks? Tell me which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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4 Best Ways to Unclog Your Pores

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Thinking about how much junk your skin is exposed to everyday is a little scary. I’m talking pollution, airborne dirt particles, and germs from your hands when you touch your face – just saying. Obviously, it’s crucial you make sure these offenders stay out of your pores for the health of your skin and to keep acne at bay. Here are my tips for the best ways to unclog your pores:

1. Wipe all your makeup off everyday


The last thing you want to do when you get home after a long day is take off your makeup, but trust me, your skin will thank you. Use makeup wipes or a cotton pad and makeup remover to get every last ounce of makeup off every single night. And always splash just a bit of water on your face, even if you use makeup wipes. This is by far, the best way to unclog your pores.

2. Wash your face in the shower

Be sure to wait until you’ve been under your showerhead for a few minutes. The steam from the hot water will open up your pores allowing more dirt to come out. Massage a cleanser into your face in a circular motion, and easily rinse off. I love washing my face in the shower and feel almost cleaner than if I had only used the sink. Plus, I love that I get a couple extra minutes in the hot water.

3. Use a toner

Toner gets off what cleanser misses, and you’ll see all that excess dirt you’re removing when you use it on a cotton pad. Talk about hidden germs! Ew! I believe this is a crucial step that many miss simply because it is an extra step. Believe me when I say you’ll be surprised to look at how much you missed the first time if you take this step!

4. Use a face mask once a week

Letting a deep cleaning mask sit on your face for 10-15 minutes allows the product to pull the dirt from deep within your skin. This is especially helpful for those who find you have large pores or many black heads. Make sure to follow up with a thick moisturizer so your skin doesn’t dry out. This is best to do right before showing since it’s easier to let it rinse off with the water directly on your face.

Do your skin a favor and follow this skincare routine each time you have makeup on your face for the best results. If all else fails, just make sure you have a clean face each night you go to bed. During the time you’re sleeping, your skin takes extra measures to repair and rejuvenate, so give it a fresh start! They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!


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