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  • Have you heard the amazing news? #brewsuccess @marketamerica @shopcom @romarley
It gets even BETTER😱😱 If you thought the previous WINNERS were lucky.. Wait til you see what's in this prize😱😩😉💘🙌💝 Starts midnight 10/29/14
Ends 11/12/14 midnight PST
This is the second to the last giveaway prize so make sure you get this one right! Cross your fingers ladies and good luck to you all💋! ✨ ICEbOX SKINNY✨
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  • In the zone. Preparing for the next amazing year;).
  • #justmessingaround Behind the scenes of @mariacheca1 @motivescosmetics campaign. How great does my miami team look as the band but pay close attention to the best from east to west @kamalhaute somehow they got him with the maraca's ! U look super Haute Kamal ❤️💄
  • Find out what I'm so excited about this morning...on LorensWorld.com @marleycoffee @romarley @shopcom @fatjoe
  • In action w @andrewjweissman
  • Reminiscing about #MAIC2014 when @iamjamiefoxx introduced @MarketAmerica as #RayCharles
  • I love this little angel so much. Ayden loves Halloween ;)
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