Shop the Trend: Pastels

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Celebrate springtime in sorbet! I’ve picked some adorable pastel items for you to oh and ah over as you shop your favorite looks this season. Wearing these whisper-light hues has been a seasonal tradition for years, so don’t miss out on finding your perfect pastel garments!

Ready to dive into the colorful world of pastels? Mixing and matching can create some of the most gorgeous springtime looks, so go ahead and create your own custom palette! Pair some lavender jeggings with a baby blue top for a pretty pastel look. Boring beige’s got you down? Accessorize a neutral look with a pop of pink and creamy orange!

The easiest way to play with a color trend is to wear it on your nails. If you don’t think it’s completely your style, you can always wash it off and try another. It’s also the cheapest way to try a trend on for size, because a bottle of nail polish can cost as little as $1 these days. And nail color trends are so versatile! While a trendy top may not go with all of your bottoms, painting your nails once will last you all week and look great with every outfit.

Adding a handbag to the mix is a practical touch for any look. Why not dress up your everyday outfit with one of these soft colored leather selections? Pair with your favorite little black dress for a pop of color or go for a monochromatic look in one color all over. If you’re creating a monochromatic look be sure to play with the texture as well as fabric, i.e. metallic snakeskin for added visual interest.

Liven up your spring wardrobe – go for soft pastels. Whether you style them in a lady-like fashion or pair with bold pieces for a rocker chic look, show off your springtime spirit with these gorgeous hues.



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Most Fashionable Pinterest Boards to Follow

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Looking for endless fashion inspiration? Head over to Pinterest’s vast selection of pretty pictures for the ultimate fashion, beauty and lifestyle gems! I like to think of Pinterest as my very own personalized online magazine that is constantly being published by all my favorite tastemakers, bloggers and brand names.

Do you want an enviable Pinterest feed full of inspirational personal style posts, outfit ideas, DIY projects and beauty tips? Follow my favorite Pinners and Boards below:

Personal Style: Admire the great personal style posts from top fashion bloggers and everyday girls to gain inspiration on what you should be wearing today. Introduce yourself to exciting prints, fun colors and up-and-coming brands by following these essential style boards:

- Project Fab

- Street Chic

- Personal Style

- What to Wear

- Style Bloggers

- Outfits

Celebrity Style: Get the look of the stars! With style stars popping up everywhere, I’m grateful for these curated style boards that showcase the best of what Hollywood has to offer; from the red carpet, to the sidewalks and behind the scenes.

- Style Icons

- Rachel Bilson Style

- Celebrity Style

- Star Looks That Inspire Us

- Shop the Street Style

DIY Fashion: Make your own fun with these helpful tutorials that show you how to get the trendy looks for less by doing them yourself! Grab a gal pal, a bag a sequins, sewing materials and your trusty glue-gun because it’s time to get crafty with it!

 - DIY


- Style DIY’s + Fixes

- P.S. I Made This

Hairstyles + Makeup Ideas: Tired of the same beauty routine? Spice it up a bit with these excellent beauty tips! Everything from how to properly apply bronzer to beautiful behind the scene shots of runway models categorized for your viewing pleasures!

- Hair + Beauty

- Beauty Secrets

- Makeup Ideas

Outfit Ideas: What girl hasn’t Googled ‘what to wear to a wedding’, ‘outfit ideas for school’ or ‘what to wear today?’ Let’s cut to the chase and get your connected with the best style boards with outfit ideas for days.

- What to Wear Anywhere

- Outfit of the Day

- Outfit Ideas + Inspirations

Pinterest is the kind of place where you can spend countless hours just admiring beautiful graphics, learning new tricks and finding inspiration for your own personal style. I’ve handpicked some of the best boards to follow for all your fashion needs – now get to Pinning!



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Style Spotlight: Alexa Chung

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International star and fashion icon, Alexa Chung is in the spotlight this week as we review her incredible personal style and browse through some of her fabulous wardrobe choices. Model, contributing editor at British Vogue and TV host, Alexa has graced covers of magazines, as well as sat in the front rows of some of the world’s most coveted fashion shows. This girl’s got it all, not only looks but brains, too!

Alexa Chung started out co-hosting small TV gigs in the early 2000’s and moved up in the ranks to host her own shows on MTV, eventually falling into modeling. With a beautiful face, quirky personality and a style to boast, it was the perfect fit! She was gaining traction as a fashion model for DKNY, Pepe Jeans and Lacoste when she decided to branch out yet again – this time into fashion editing. She officially was named a contributing editor for Vogue in 2009 and a cover shoot followed shortly after. Did you know she’s graced the cover of British Vogue no less than three times now?


We love her fearless sense of style because she continuously lets her personality shine through her outfits. She is a classic girl at heart, as if you couldn’t tell by her mostly black and white wardrobe. She often dons a little black dress with a fresh face and accents of minimal sparkling jewels. Topping the ‘Best Dressed’ list on more than one occasion and in more than one publication, Alexa Chung has an effect similar to that of Kate Middleton.



Oh you know how it goes: one of them shows up wearing a tailored day dress in a gorgeous color and next thing you know it’s sold out! While Chung may not be royalty, her style certainly commands attention! She often carries a handbag for no longer than a week before it is getting restock requests. Beloved British brand, Mulberry, even named a bag after this international style star in 2009 – it was of course an instant sell out!


A style muse to the likes of Valentino, Chanel, Mulberry and many more, this girl can be seen sitting front row to all the hottest fashion show next to friends like Kate Moss, Pixie Geldof and even editorial queen herself, Anna Wintour. Most of the time she’ll be wearing posh designer dresses and Mulberry handbags, but every once in a while we’ll see her don a bohemian, almost urban chic ensemble. We love that she’s able to actively switch it up whenever she feels like, just because she feels like it.


Take notes from style star Alexa Chung by letting your heart lead you to wear whatever you wish and with no restrictions! And if you’re lucky enough, you too may be able to snag one of the pieces in her very own line due to launch this year! Cheers to this beautiful girl and to fearless personal style!









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Style-Worthy Headphones

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LADIES. It’s time to make way for the over-the-ear headphones – The new ‘it’ accessory gracing the pages of glossy magazines and popular look books from coast to coast. These super easy-to-wear headphones double as a totally functional tech toy and a really cool, laid back accessory. No matter what your style, there’s an option out there for you and you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect pair. Here are my picks for the perfect set of headphones that combine both style and function and will enhance the cute-ability factor of any outfit:

Casual and fun these minimalist pair of headphones will go well with a tee, cutoff shorts and sandals. No fuss outfit calls for no fuss accessories.

The Apollo by Nixon, $70

Neon is all the rage this season. You don’t have to look far to see handbags and shoes in these bright hues. Wearing these headphones will go well with your fun spring/summer outfits.

Neon Over Ear Headphones by dormify, $24

If over-the-top statement headphones are not your thing, these earbuds might just do the trick. Beautifully designed, they are like wearing jewelry in your ears. It’s like the FRENDS slogan goes, ‘sometimes one isn’t enough.’

Layla Rosegold by Frends, $100

Denim is the universal pairing to any color or texture. The same can be said about these funky denim headphones, they will go with virtually any outfit.


Denim Plattan by Urban Ears, $60

Sleek like a brand new manicure, these headphones have some edge. You can pick out your favorite color to buy these in but remember to match the gold to the hardware in your other accessories.

Skull Candy Navigator in Maroon/Gold, $100

So stylish that even major designers are hopping on board. This Rebecca Minkoff pair is perfect with any of your mint colored outfits this spring and summer.

Rebecca Minkoff Aquamarine Embossed Hologram x Frends, $250

Whether you wear them to a work, to a workout, while walking or just relaxing at home, these headphones will definitely add a little color and some extra glitz to any outfit this season. So, do you have your eye on a pair?



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Shop Online Like A Pro

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Searching through racks of clothes and dealing with pushy salespeople can be daunting. Which is why shopping online is a great alternative. There are ways to shop online that can save you both time and money. Here are some of my tips on how to become a pro at online shopping.

Fitting Room Price Comparison 

I find that shopping strictly at brick and mortar stores restricts you from taking advantage of fabulous online deals. If you spot an item at a store but your size is out of stock or if you have a hunch that it is available elsewhere for less, search this product on your phone right from the fitting room.

Many stores do not have a large selection of sale items, but online stores might and you could score BIG! This knowledge will also put you in a better bargaining position should you choose to buy it from the store you’re in.One trick I found helpful is using Just find the item you wish to buy, ‘hukk it’ and once it goes on sale you will be notified. Ah-mazing!

Price Matching

If you are a veteran online shopper, then you know that prices vary on the internet. If
you fall in love with something at one store, search for that item online and ask the store to match the lower price you find. More stores than you think offer such arrangements. Nordsdrom for one, is quite willing to match prices to get your business. This really is a win/win situation because you remain a loyal patron to the store and you leave feeling good about the price of your purchase.

The Perfect Fit

I know first-hand what it’s like to think that you’re one size, only to have your online purchase not fit. To avoid this, once you’ve placed your item in your shopping cart, google the designer’s size chart. Some designers tend make things smaller, others bigger or worse yet, have an odd fit. So be sure to read reviews on the item, when available.

“Discount Code,” Promo Code,” and “Coupon” 

Never checkout from an online store without searching for their current online offers, first. This not only applies to boutiques, but to any e-commerce site. Some stores have 15% off first time purchase coupons, others offer free shipping. Very rarely will you encounter an online store without a promo offer out there. If you ask me, this is the added bonus to shopping online.

I am a huge fan of private sale sites and also love to shop on SHOP.COM where I get money back for purchasing items I would be buying anyway. Do you have any online shopping techniques that have worked for you?

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