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8 Foods to Promote Long Healthy Hair

July 21st // 1 Comment

While we could easily end up spending hundreds of dollars on hair products and supplements that promise gorgeous locks in under a week, I’ve come to the conclusion that natural beauty is what really makes a difference! By choosing to eat healthy and pick foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients, I’ve been able to narrow my diet down to foods that are healthful and beauty promoting! These are my top 8 foods to eat for healthy hair:

1. Salmon

Why: Not only does this under the sea dish have Vitamin D and protein; it also contains omega-3 fatty acids that help maintain a healthy scalp.
Suggested Dish: Glaze it, bake it, and enjoy!

2. Yellow Peppers

Why: Bell peppers have almost 5 1/2 times the Vitamin C that oranges do. And lucky for your hair, Vitamin C is the antioxidant that strengthens your hair and its follicles. It also prevents breakage.
Suggested Dish: Stuff with rice, corn, black beans, cheese, and spices of your choosing. Bake them and enjoy!

3. Oysters

Why: Though they don’t always look like the most appealing dish on the buffet table, oysters are full of zinc, which prevents hair loss.
Suggested Dish: Seafood Linguine

4. Eggs

Why: Egg yolk contains both omega-3s and 2biotin, which will make your hair long and shiny.

Suggested Dish: The classic scrambled.

5. Sunflower Seeds

Why: Talk about your source of Vitamin E! Sunflower seeds enhance the blood flow to your scalp, which causes your hair to grow faster.
Suggested Dish: Crack ‘em and eat ‘em.

6.  Sweet Potatoes

Why: Loaded with carotene, which promotes hair growth.
Suggested Dish: Double bake some spuds with ham, pineapple, and mozzarella for a Hawaiian flare.

7. Avocados 

Why: Though avocados have a high conce

ntration of fatty acids, they also stimulate collagen and elastin production. Some people even mix avocado with sour cream and rub it into their scalp to make their hair grow faster. They say to leave it in for 10 minutes before washing it off. And hey, in those 10 minutes, if you get hungry, you’ve got yourself a little snack. (Just kidding, don’t eat hair avocado. That’s gross.)
Suggested Dish: Toss some in any kind of salad to make it extra delicious.

8. Almonds

Why: These delicious little nuts will make your hair grow both faster and thicker because of their high biotin content.
Suggested Dish: Add them to some raisins for a delicious snack!

What do you think? Are you up to try some natural beauty recipes to get your hair looking more beautiful than ever?



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Motives Mavens to Follow

July 8th // Comment Here

If you’re looking for some of the best makeup tutorials out there, following a few Motives Mavens will give you the inside scoop you need to get your look just the way you like it. Featuring some of the most talented makeup artists in the world, with a social media presence that collectively reaches more than 15 million followers, Motives Mavens have taken the makeup world and the web by storm. They have each embraced the Motives Cosmetics brand and help to share Motives around the globe! Keep reading for a look at Motives Mavens to follow and get some insider tips from some of the best makeup artists in the business.

@ellarie – This Motives Maven will give you some of the best tips when it comes to playing with eye shadow colors. She’s a single momma, loving life in Atlanta and ready to help you look your absolute best. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter or at her blog miss ellarie.

Cristina Whitehead from @glitz_n_glam – This Motives Maven has been a makeup lover as far back as she can recall and her specialty is eyebrows! She says, “Eyebrows frame the face and can completely change a look.” You can follow her on Instagram to get all of her awesome tips.

@Ivglamduo – This brother& sister team of Lou and Vanessa Torres from Southern California give some of the best makeup tutorials out there! Check them out on Instagram or on MeetOn for some of the best tricks to getting the perfect ombre lip.

@hellofritzie – Single mom and licensed cosmetologist, Fritzie Torres and has loved hair, makeup and all things beauty since she was a kid. Fritzie can give you some of the best tips out there when it comes to contouring and highlighting. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

Have you been following any of the Motives Mavens? Who is your fave?

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Fashion Illustrations Brought To Life

July 1st // Comment Here

I want to know, does art imitate life or life imitate art? In all honesty, it’s a question without an easy answer since both are all one in the same. What we choose to create versus how we choose to live are both beautiful and hence so much like one another. In any version of this age-old question and endless answers, beauty wins out as being equal in the eye of the creator and the beholder. Take a look at these fashion illustrations brought to life and you decide which come first.

In celebration of life’s artistic pleasures (or is it art’s living muses?) I’ve rounded up some incredible fashion illustrations that depict gorgeous outfits that can be applied to your everyday wardrobe! Take inspiration or be the inspiration, you decide!

While an artist may dream up gorgeous garments yet to grace the design room and be turned into patterns for real life wearing, there’s so much style inspiration to be had from these fanciful illustrations. Choosing like colors, shapes, and patterns, you too can rock these artfully designed ensembles by pairing what you already have in your closet or gain inspiration for your next shopping trip!

Life is art and art is life. How are you inspired by art pieces in the way that you dress? I’d love to hear your ideas – share with me below in the comments!











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Hailey Baldwin On Her Use Of Skintelligence®

June 27th // Comment Here

Everyone knows that skincare is as much preventative as it is reactionary. Meaning, if you stay out of the sun, chances are you’ll have longer lasting youthful skin as you age. Many of us take the reactionary approach by applying products on our skin once the signs of aging have already begun. Coming from someone with her own line of skincare products; my ultimate advice is to develop a beauty regiment early in life.

Hailey Baldwin, for those of you who don’t know, is the 17 year old model and daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Baldwin. And I must say she is really ahead of the game! When interviewed by Playing Fashion about her beauty routine, she was quoted as saying:


I’m so pleased to see younger and younger generations using Skintelligence® and taking care of their skin. Skintelligence® is an all-inclusive botanical skin care line with natural extracts that provide alpha-hydroxy acids to aid in cell regeneration. If you’re proactive early on, it is truly an investment in yourself. Kudos to Hailey, I wish her much success!


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Budget Beauty Tips for Changing Seasons

June 11th // Comment Here

Inevitably the weather changes and it seems like your skin has changed drastically with it. The heavy creams you may have used in winter just won’t cut it for the warm days ahead; and you’re just itching to try the latest nail color or lipstick trends. Though, if you’re anything like me, you value your favorite beauty essentials. I’ve rounded up a few tips that I’ve found to be helpful when transitioning between any seasons, tips that’ll hopefully refresh your look no matter the calendar date!



Tryout seasonal color trends


Lately I’ve loved the idea of wearing lip colors that complements the color theme in my outfits. However, my go-to shade during the cold weather months is usually a deep berry hue. Though I gravitate toward darker hues, I also love brighter corals and pinks for spring and summer. Sometimes if I’m willing to buy a new seasonal product, I pick one that may still be a trend in years to come. Since lipsticks and glosses have a long lifespan, spending a few dollars on a seasonal lipstick can be a worthwhile investment.


If you’re looking to add a different nail color to your collection, consider investing in a plain white polish that can be mixed with darker shades. By mixing in a touch of white, you can transform your dark winter shades into unique pastel-like hues for spring! Plus, you probably won’t find anyone else with that exact same nail color.


Switch up your moisturizer


Though I’m a big advocate for wearing moisturizer with sunscreen 356 days a year, the one thing that does change during the winter months is my night cream. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you ideally want a lighter moisturizer during the summer and a more hydrating one in the winter. Moisturizers are one of those products that have a longer shelf life, but they are probably one of the pricier products in your vanity. I’d suggest purchasing this investment item online where you can compare prices, read real users’ reviews, and apply coupon codes.


Adjust your foundation and concealer


During the summer months, I love a hint of sun-kissed glowing skin. And, while I typically wear less makeup during the summer, I still have those days when I need some extra coverage and find that my foundation just doesn’t match. For those who use liquid foundation, one of my go-to tricks is adding a small sprinkling of bronzer to my foundation (preferably bronzer that is matte and not metallic). Usually, this trick adds just a hint of color to your otherwise lighter-hued foundation.

What other items do you like to switch out from season to season? Feel free to leave other helpful tips in the comments section!






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