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  • Congratulations to my dear friend @SerenaWilliams on her 19th Major Title. So proud of you! #australianopen #winning
  • Flash back Friday @kimkardashian @kourtneykardash and me. These were the amazing times.
  • I have the most amazing daughter on the planet.  @amberridinger I am so proud of the amazing mommy she is to Ayden and what a wonderful wife and woman she has become. I make a lot of mistakes and far from perfect but with amber I hit a home run.  I love u always. U are my life and my everything.  I love u more than anything or anyone. Period.
  • With my angels @jlo @lala #alwayshappywiththem
  • Happy birthday to my angel @aliciakeys I love u. U are the epitome of love and a superwoman
  • It's almost time for this princess to come. Today was so special with all of our family!  So happy to be a Mimi again. Love my kids @amberridinger @duanemclaughlin #ayvababyshower
  • Happy birthday @maryfloyd we love u @lolamilan1
  • My crew has their game faces on today.  Here we go @jlo  @lala @lolamilan1 @amberridinger @duanemclaughlin #babyshowerayva
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Style Essentials To Buy From The Men’s Department

women's style essentials to buy in the mens department

Being a girl has its perks and disadvantages. For one, shopping is much more fun because women’s style and fashion is more varied compared to men’s and there are more style, prints, patterns, colors and designs to choose from but it’s much more expensive as well. There are some things that we women wear that […]

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Expensive Looking Outfit Tricks For Less

expensive looking winter fashions

Winter dressing can be a little troublesome, with the layering and what not. Although this is the case, you can still make your outfit look more expensive – without purchasing high-fashion items.  To accomplish this, all you just need to do is follow these tips that can make your outfit look more sophisticated. Belt your […]

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Western Chic Inspired Outfits

how to wear western inspired outfits

The Western look is a pretty iconic look and the most popular term that I’ve come across for this trend is the Cowboy / Cowgirl look. Though this look is a little on the rough and rugged side, there are definitely ways to work around it and make it look more polished and chic. If […]

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