8 Foods to Promote Long Healthy Hair

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While we could easily end up spending hundreds of dollars on hair products and supplements that promise gorgeous locks in under a week, I’ve come to the conclusion that natural beauty is what really makes a difference! By choosing to eat healthy and pick foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients, I’ve been able to narrow my diet down to foods that are healthful and beauty promoting! These are my top 8 foods to eat for healthy hair:

1. Salmon

Why: Not only does this under the sea dish have Vitamin D and protein; it also contains omega-3 fatty acids that help maintain a healthy scalp.
Suggested Dish: Glaze it, bake it, and enjoy!

2. Yellow Peppers

Why: Bell peppers have almost 5 1/2 times the Vitamin C that oranges do. And lucky for your hair, Vitamin C is the antioxidant that strengthens your hair and its follicles. It also prevents breakage.
Suggested Dish: Stuff with rice, corn, black beans, cheese, and spices of your choosing. Bake them and enjoy!

3. Oysters

Why: Though they don’t always look like the most appealing dish on the buffet table, oysters are full of zinc, which prevents hair loss.
Suggested Dish: Seafood Linguine

4. Eggs

Why: Egg yolk contains both omega-3s and 2biotin, which will make your hair long and shiny.

Suggested Dish: The classic scrambled.

5. Sunflower Seeds

Why: Talk about your source of Vitamin E! Sunflower seeds enhance the blood flow to your scalp, which causes your hair to grow faster.
Suggested Dish: Crack ‘em and eat ‘em.

6.  Sweet Potatoes

Why: Loaded with carotene, which promotes hair growth.
Suggested Dish: Double bake some spuds with ham, pineapple, and mozzarella for a Hawaiian flare.

7. Avocados 

Why: Though avocados have a high conce

ntration of fatty acids, they also stimulate collagen and elastin production. Some people even mix avocado with sour cream and rub it into their scalp to make their hair grow faster. They say to leave it in for 10 minutes before washing it off. And hey, in those 10 minutes, if you get hungry, you’ve got yourself a little snack. (Just kidding, don’t eat hair avocado. That’s gross.)
Suggested Dish: Toss some in any kind of salad to make it extra delicious.

8. Almonds

Why: These delicious little nuts will make your hair grow both faster and thicker because of their high biotin content.
Suggested Dish: Add them to some raisins for a delicious snack!

What do you think? Are you up to try some natural beauty recipes to get your hair looking more beautiful than ever?



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Inspirational Beauty Quotes

July 21st // 1 Comment

Maybe you’re having an off day…or perhaps you’re going through a time where you’re working on your self-confidence. No matter where you’re at, here is a little way to remind yourself that you, yes YOU, are beautiful! Take these quotes of beauty and apply them to yourself. Print them out, save them as your phone background, or simply write it down – keep these at hand to always remind you how special you are!

What are your favorite quotes that inspire beauty and self-confidence? Share with me in the comments! And don’t forget that you are wonderfully made!


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Why Audrey Hepburn Stuns in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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One of the most beautiful movies to come from the 1960’s, Audrey Hepburn stars as a dreaming girl who lives life in a frivolous, yet down to earth manner in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Here are the top reasons that her character, Holly Golightly, is easily on the top of my list for most amazing fictional characters ever!

She Eats What She Wants

All too often we see women feeling pressured into eating the “diet foods”…not Holly! She eats what she wants when she wants it! Eating donuts and coffee first thing in the morning? OK!

She Dresses in Style

For a woman to be expected to keep up her appearance isn’t as required today as it was back in the 60’s. A woman who chooses to value herself and show that outwardly by taking the time to style herself is a confident forward thinking woman in my mind.

She Decorates in New Ways

There has never been a film with a bathtub couch before Audrey Hepburn debuted this gorgeous piece of furniture in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Why not take a chance – go with what YOU like!

She Doesn’t Always Play By the Rules

Yea, she legitimately stole these crazy animal masks… that, by the way, I wouldn’t condone stealing…. but still! She shows us that playing by the rules is limiting and even suppressive at times. Break out of the box and do something different. It’ll inspire feelings of confidence, inspiration, and general happiness for sure!

She Knows How to Be Friends with Everybody

…Well except her landlord, but that’s his fault – not hers! Holly is the life of a party, there’s no doubt about it! She is always sure to see all her friends, even if just for a moment! She showers them with love and gratitude.

She Never Stops Dreaming

Even while she may not be able to afford the luxury of Tiffany’s, she never gives up on her dream! And when she comes close to fulfilling her dreams, she appreciates every little step along the way.

She Never Underestimates the Power of Red Lipstick

Even when everything around you feels like it’s crumbling down, flip open your mirror, uncap your lipstick, and pucker up because everything is going to be all right. It’s psychologically proven that the color red ignites emotions of confidence and a “make it happen” attitude.

She Rocks the Timeless Monochromatic Trend

While our style calendar may be experiencing a rebirth of this trend, Audrey Hepburn knew how to rock this look long before it graced any catwalk. Take it from the pro – pair your girly separates in black and white for a flawless look.

What do you think – does she win in your mind? Let me know your thoughts on this super classy lady in the comments below!

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Stylish Celeb BFF’s

July 19th // Comment Here

Who doesn’t love a bunch of beautiful celebrities who have true friendships on and off the red carpet? They’re just like us – while we may not have as fancy of friends as they do – in a big group there’s always that one girl who gets you and makes everything more fun!

The girl you can totally make eyes at and know what she’s thinking, the one you’d totally share a tent with while on a camping adventure…Yea, I’m talking about your absolute best friend! Let’s celebrate all these beautiful girls and their amazing friendships by counting it down:

 Alexa Chung & Poppy Delevingne

After meeting over 10 years ago at an early model casting, these two became fast friends. Between sharing shoots, writing for the same magazine, and skinny-dipping in Cannes after downing some whiskey, these two are true friends who stick by each other’s side and build one another up continually. Such pretty faces with big loving hearts for one another!

Cressida Bonas & Princess Beatrice

While Cressida and Prince Harry may not be boyfriend-girlfriend any more, that doesn’t stop Princess Beatrice from furthering their friendship. There’s a great amount of loyalty that goes into their friendship even through the break up. To see Princess Beatrice still reaching out is such a wonderful and thoughtful thing a true friend would do!

Kristen Stewart & Riley Keough

Despite not carrying the royal title, Riley Keough is The King’s granddaughter. The King being Elvis of course! Bonding over their shared personal style, music taste, and nearly identical hairstyles, it’s great to see that Kristen Stewart can actually smile after all!

Taylor Swift, Kate Bosworth & Karlie Kloss

Taylor Swift can easily be called Hollywood’s most popular girlfriend due to the fact that she genuinely cares about her friends and has so very many of them. The difference between Taylor’s friendships and other Hollywood stars is that she remembers when she was ‘a normal person’ outside of Hollywood and applies the same principles of loyalty, honesty, and true friendship to each of her relationships!

Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez

Since their time on the Disney Channel, these two have been long-time friends. They’re absolutely adorable together, especially knowing that they were both Disney child-stars. Being able to see that connection stick through the years is so great!

Courtney Cox & Jennifer Aniston

It’s absolutely no surprise that these two ended up becoming such close “Friends” after staring opposite each other in the hit TV show all through the 90’s. To see their friendship blossom as their careers propelled forward after their first stint together is incredible! Such beauties!

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Trend Alert: Wide Leg Pants

July 18th // Comment Here

Fresh spring turned into a hot summer season faster than we could imagine! Breezy and comfortable is what every woman mainly looks for now! But you don’t want to wear a dress everyday, right? And shorts seem way too casual and perhaps not suitable for every occasion? This is why designers brought back this strong feminine and powerful piece of clothing to the catwalks this season – wide leg trousers!

The trend became fashionable in the 1960′s and 1970′s, but originated from the time between The World Wars when women had to work and focused on wearing more comfortable, easier to make and cheaper clothing. This year the trend is making the grand return to the fashion scene. It’s an excellent summer season style. Loose cut and breathable fabric not only gives a breezy feeling, but is also flattering in the sunlight and summer wind! The key elements to look for when choosing this easy and relaxed style are the cut and the fabric that should follow the curves of your body, the mood of the outfit and latest trends from the catwalks.

Here is a simple guide of how to wear versatile and fabulous wide leg trousers with my best styling tips included:

1. High-Waisted

There is no more simple way to look chic and casual at the same time like when wearing simple black and white colors together! Try wide leg trousers that bring out your feminine side and simple top to add the elegant summer touch to your outfit! And finish with shoes and a bag that add the final mood of the look!

2. Cropped

A simple and elegant way to wear wide leg cropped trousers this summer is to pair your favorite neutral pant with other various colors of the neutral family. Pairing high heels shows you purposely wanted the pants to be cropped to show off your cool kicks! You’ll look smart yet casual for any occasion!

3. Modern Minimalist


With graphic prints, neon colors, simple black, metallic and leather, you can add a bit of a modern touch to this already trendy style! I personally love this look worn by Margaret Zhang! Metallic tiptoe high heels, wide leg pleated trousers, turtle neck crop top, graphic cardigan and neon colored small bag – this is a fabulous outfit!

4. Inspired By Men’s Fashion

Wide leg trousers originated from the time between World War I and II when men were away at war and women had to take over all the responsibilities at home. This is also the time when Coco Chanel was young and growing as a designer, already influencing with her love for strong and independent woman! Pick out boyfriend tops and chunky watches to create a menswear inspired outfit.

So how will you rock this flowing trend? Tell me your style ideas below and if you’d wear any of these style inspirations?







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