Must-Have Beach Totes For Summer

April 10th // Comment Here

With beach weather just weeks away, my mind has been filling up with fun beachwear ideas. And I honestly couldn’t be happier about that. As most of you know, I divide my time between New York and Miami and for those of you who have endured the ruthless winter up north, I am thrilled to be finally talking about warm weather accessories.

But what’s beachwear without the perfect beach tote? If you’re vacation bound or are holding out for summer, you will definitely need the perfect beach tote to fill with your favorite things. Take a look below at the must-have beach totes for summer and bring in the season in style!



Oversized Surf Stripe Tote by Madewell

Classic Canvas Bag by Toss Designs

Mar Y Sol Caracus Basket Tote


Calypso St. Barth Nappa Beach Tote

Printed Canvas Tote by GAP

When it comes to beach totes which do you prefer: neutral, nautical or floral?



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Sundresses For Under $50

April 10th // 1 Comment

At the top of my spring to summer shopping list are affordable sundresses; perfect for throwing on for a pool party, Sunday brunch with the girls or even glammed up for a boat party. The ideal sundress is one both flattering and cute, but also relaxed and comfy. Wear it on a hot day or throw on when you feel like changing things up from your usual shorts and tee summer uniform.

Here’s are some sundresses for under $50 that fit the bill. Keep things casual or wear them with some sparkly jewels and heels for a more dressed up look.

Striped Maxi by Target $29.99

Go Baroque Trapeze Dress by Forever 21 $24.80

Striped Mini by GAP on Sale $45.46

Simple Tank Dress by Old Navy $24.00


Chevron Maxi by Khols $27.99

Keyhole & Lace by JCP on Sale $41.99

Blossoming Bouquet Dress, $47.99

What are some ways you will be wearing sundresses this season?


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Don’t Let Sports Cramp Your Style – How to Wear Your Hair During A Workout

April 9th // 1 Comment

With sunny days of spring and summer just around the corner, it means lots of fun in the sun getting exercise and playing sports. From going for a morning run, playing tennis, boating or even some pick-up beach volleyball, finding ways to wear your hair for sports while still looking great is an absolute must. Here are a few options that will keep your hair out of the way and you stylish.

High Pony

Dutch Crown Braid

Tight, High Bun

Pony With a Headband

Loose Bun with Headband

Braided Pony

Got any go-to ways to wear your hair for sports or working out?

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Playing With Colors in Your Work Wardrobe

April 9th // 1 Comment

Corporate America has seen all the boring black, grey, beige and navy suits it can handle. Let’s be honest, wearing a suit to work can make you look drab and it might just make you forget that the world of color even existed. It’s time to learn how to implement pops of color seamlessly into your work attire; making you feel more uplifted and excited about your day.

Red is the color of power and strength; it shows that you’re unafraid to stand out and receive attention. This color can be very helpful if incorporated correctly. Try wearing a red blouse with a simple pencil skirt, a pair of red heels, or maybe a bold red lip. But be careful not to wear too much of this color or worse yet wear it in a ‘sexy’ way so as to distract from reasons you are at work. Avoid tight dresses, skirts, and tops in this color as they may be taken in the wrong way. Instead stick to accessories or flowy tops when choosing red.

Navy blue, sky blue and ‘true blue’ send the message of confidence to the world. Blue is the absolute best color to wear on a job interview in a form of a skirt or pants suit. When headed to your next potential employer’s office, opt for a dark navy suit or blouse, to stand out as the cool, collected and confident candidate for the job. You’ll get more jobs wearing this hue than any other. It’s also a great idea to try this color if you’re asking for a promotion. But don’t limit yourself to suits only, do try that electric blue skirt you’ve been eyeing and pair it with some beautiful blue accessories. 

Ivory and white are far superior to their bland beige cousin. Yes, it’s okay to want to blend in but wearing too many neutrals can often leave you ignored or overlooked. A rule of thumb is that the darker the color you wear, the more power you exude.  On the other hand, do not wear all white – you’re leaving yourself open to unexpected stains or giving off a sterile feel of a clinical uniform. Therefore, it’s best to alternate colors.

Jewel tones, especially emerald green can be quite regal. They exude both strength and conservatism. Emerald being named the ‘color of the year’ in 2013 is the perfect choice for a work outfit. Try wearing an emerald dress teamed with a thin leopard belt and black heels for a perfect balance of color and print.

Pink is by far the girliest of colors. If you want to infuse your work wardrobe with a feminine touch, you should own at least three staple items in this hue: heels, overcoat and a top. Of course you can never have too many pink pieces. Throw them into the mix of an average work week paired with some neutrals or even muted greens and you will outshine everyone in the office. It is also the perfect accent color to a black suit. I must advise, avoid wearing too much fuchsia, as it can a be overwhelming and distracting.

Orange is a ‘tricky’ color to play with. Make sure that it doesn’t wash you out by picking items that are more pink and closer to coral in hue. The more pumpkin-esque pieces should not be worn with black to avoid looking Halloween themed. Instead, stick to basics and use orange to compliment more subtle colors like taupe and always use in moderation.

Yellow can be a cheery bright infusion into any boring day. Whether you pair a crisp white top with a bright pencil skirt or just add a touch of yellow in a form of shoes, this color is a great example of less is more. Try pairing mustard yellow with deep maroons for a gorgeous dark gem-toned ensemble.

Color is a powerful thing. It can affect your mood and the mood of others. So use it to your advantage and reap the benefits of knowing what tone you are setting. Using this knowledge, what colors will you be wearing tomorrow?

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Ways to Wear Printed Shoes

April 8th // 3 Comments

You definitely don’t need me to tell you that the days are getting longer and the brighter warmer weather is finally upon us. This means breaking out the old spring essentials and acquiring new ones in the process. As you move your cold weather gear to the back of the closet take a look and see what current spring trends your wardrobe is missing. One trend that I’m personally ready to take on are printed shoes. They’re fun, versatile and perfect for any occasion. To incorporate them into your closet check out the shoes that I’ve picked out.

Most people don’t think of prints when when they think of stilettos but these flirty heels will make you rethink that. Let your shoes do the talking for a change, wear them with a perfect pair of skinnies for a pop of color or dress them up with a LBD.

Nothing says spring like espadrilles. Pair these pretties with casual white jeans or shorts and a flawy blouse-perfect for brunch with the girls or a walk in the park.

Kill two birds with one stone by wearing a sporty leopard slip-on sneaker. Leopard is a neutral print that will go with almost anything and the sporty trend is a total must-try for the spring.  Pair these with a black jumpsuit for a relaxed weekend getaway.

Bring some chic florals to your rainy April days. Hunter, whose name is synonymous with rain boots, makes these fun rubber beauties. Wear them with a dress and your style won’t skip a beat even when the sun is on hiatus.

What will your favorite ways to wear printed shoes this spring be?

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