Pink Suits: Blogger Edition

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Can you think of a color more feminine than pink? Every shade from florescent fuchsia to a beautiful blush carries an air of sweetness and vivacity that embodies womanhood. A combination of red and white, pink denotes the call to action emitted by the red and the potential for success and insight offered by the white.

Full of energy and passion a bold bright pink compliments all hair colors and skin tones alike. The richness of the hue plays well other bright colors like lime, aqua, royal purple as well as the basic black and white. I love how blogger, Laura Rose of Lara Rose Style styled this fuchsia pant suit with a graphic black and white tee. Keeping it casual with a casual top, yet still structured with a tailored pant and blazer.

While light pink is commonly referred to as baby pink, when a woman dons this pretty pastel hue, it is anything but childish. Try pairing it with neutrals like Tamara, fashion blogger from Tamara Chloe Style Clues, for a foolproof cotton candy chic ensemble and incorporate a print like a contrasting camouflage or chevron for some visual appeal.

If you aren’t ready to dive into a head to toe pink look, try on some suit separates in this dreamy shade. Blogger over at Miss Pouty, Sun, did a gorgeous job of wearing neutrals and complimenting pastel shades to balance her look. Pairing with similarly light colors such as white, beige and light blue, you help ease you into wearing this color in a full suit. Black and white are also a safe combination for trying out new color pairings. Keep this in mind when wearing any new shade for the first time! After a while, you can explore other color options. It’s all about having fun!

For a causal styling of suit separates, try a hot pink fitted blazer with your favorite pair of light wash denim. The denim acts as a balancing agent bringing the outfit from dressy to casual, even when paired with heels. Smart accessories like sleek sunglasses, a bold watch, and a belt at the waist are nice added touches. This is a great way to transitional from day into night, especially if you work in a semi-casual office setting. I love how blogger Mariann from Cashmere In Style, wore her go-to jeans with a brightly colored pink blazer!

I’m totally into this girly business chic look right now! How about you? Comment below and tell me your favorite way to wear this feminine color!


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6 Fresh Takes On The Basic White Shirt

April 14th // 1 Comment

The ever-so-popular work staple, the basic white shirt is getting a makeover. Wear it day in and day out in a new way each time! They call it a staple for a reason, you can build an entire wardrobe around it. Here to help you do just that are some easy ways to tweak outfits using minimal accessorizing and color swapping. Give these six fresh takes on the basic button up a try!

Layer With A Sleeveless Dress:

Who says that a dress has to be the base layer of every outfit? Wherever you’re feeling flirty, layer a fun sleeveless dress over a crisp white button up. Go from bold florals to a classic houndstooth, changing up the look as you go. Feeling preppy? Pair a collared blouse with a dress, giving it the prim and proper feel.

Add a Pop of Color:

Hello sunshine! Nothing dresses up a blank canvas like a splash of color! Try putting on a colored blazer with matching shoes for an instant change of pace. Stick to working with two colors at a time to avoid becoming visual distraction.

Mix Up the Texture:

Add texture in the form of leather to instantly change the look of a basic white shirt. A leather skirt will be a great contrast to a crisp white cotton. To compete the look, add colorful accessories. To bump up the texture contrast a notch, try tying a colorful silk scarf around the handle of your purse.

Make a Statement with a Jeweled Necklace:

It’s my firm belief that every outfit needs a little sparkle! Add some shine to your everyday button up blouse by accessorizing it with a bold statement necklace. All gold baubles go well with any outfit and can lend to a minimalist look while still adding visual interest to your outfit. If you’re wish to stand out, play around with brightly colored necklaces in a mix of shapes and sizes.

Pair With Printed Pants:

Printed pants by nature look best when paired with solid basics, so these two garments are the perfect sartorial pair. Go for ‘of-the-moment’ graph printed trousers, adding in just a few colorful accessories to spruce things up.

All White Everything:

Cool, calm, and collected. Monochromatic outfits are all the rage this season! Try pairing neutral and gold accessories with crisp white separates. Only thing you have to worry about with this outfit is getting dirty. My advice, carry a Tide-to-Go pen with you when you wear this out!


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Weekend Getaway Outfit Ideas

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Everyone needs an occasional weekend getaway. Whether you work long hours or simply need a change of pace, getting out of town for a few days can be very therapeutic. It’s also a great way to get invigorated for the week to come and tap into your creative side while enjoying your surroundings.

As the weekend getaway approaches, start thinking about your outfit choices. This is the perfect time to dream and play dress up. Depending on your destination you can try out new trends like a bohemian free spirit inspired look for a trip to the beach or a feminine goddess outfit for a drive through the wine country. Sometimes a trip can guide your outfit selections and sometimes a special item will inspire a whirlwind trip of a lifetime. To help you with your choices, here are some pieces I like to pack for my weekend getaways:

If you live in the country or the suburbs, taking a trip into a major city can be a lot of fun. So can shopping for an outfit for the occasion. City girls are a different breed, but don’t be afraid to blend in. For this type of a getaway, wear a pair of boyfriend jeans, cutout ankle booties and work around a pastel color palette. This outfit will scream spring while you will be a huge hit with your city girl counterparts.

The beach is generally a relaxing place to go, so you want to pack things that are easy to wear and move around in. Cottons are a great fabric to pack, paired with some neutral sandals, sea foam colored accessories and layered bangles. This outfit will have an earthy feel just like your low-key beach getaway.

Picture birds chirping, the smell of fresh cut grass and wild blooms everywhere. These are just as few perks of visiting the countryside. The others include a chance to wear cowboy boots, playing with fringe accessories and wearing flowers in your hair. This trip will not only open up your senses but also showcase the softer side of your wardrobe.

Wine tastings evoke a sense of layback sophistication not many destinations can deliver. It is your chance to wear your girliest pieces in a way that is elegant yet sweet. It is also the time to dust off your wedges because one thing you want to avoid is getting your heels soiled with grass and dirt. Add a wide brim hat and you are well on your way to sipping in style.

If you find yourself planning a sailing or boating trip, be sure to pack flats, the perfect lightweight breton striped sweater, comfy cutoff denim shorts and definitely a scarf. You will need it to keep your hair out of the way when the wind starts to blow. The smell of the salt water coupled with your perfect weekend outfit will make you a force to reckon with on the seas.

So, have any of these peaked your interest and inspired you to start planning your quick getaway?



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How To Match Colored Shoes To Outfits

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Deviating from your go-to neutral pump can be a challenge. While color pairing isn’t necessarily every aspiring fashionista’s top skill, if you take the time to hone in on the hues, you might find it easier than you thought. Here’s an outline of the basics in a form of an easy to follow guide for pairing colorful shoes with your everyday outfits. Put your most colorful shoed foot forward and learn how to effortlessly mix and match colors like a pro.


Plays well with: beige, navy blue, black, white and pink.

Instead of piling on this fiery hue, use it as a subtle statement with neutrals or to compliment deep blues and pinks. Pairing with a basic black and white is always a sexy duo.


Plays well with: earth tones, red, yellow, white and blue.

One of the most reluctant color choices has always been orange. Unfortunately many don’t realize that you can pair this vivacious tone with simple colors to make it look cohesive rather than obnoxiously stand-out. Go for soft orange and pair it with earthy pastels for a more subdued look.


Plays well with: black, white, green and any shade of blue.

Go for bold with a mustard yellow flat. Best paired with neutrals and colors near in the spectrum like greens and blues, this shade will compliment an outfit with a balanced mix of color vs. neutrals every time. Try pairing with a bright blue or pastel green for a fresh springtime feel.


 Plays well with: neutrals, yellow, black, brown and yellow.

Best suited with like colors, green will dazzle next to blues and yellows as well as stand out against black, white and beige. Try pairing Kelly green flats with a bright sunshine yellow or offset it by neutral cream-colored pieces for a gentle mix of bright and plain shades.


Plays well with: neutrals, black, white, brown, red, orange, metallic and yellow.

Perfect with any other color, blue is the most versatile of them all. Pair it with a mustard yellow and a red-orange shade for a bright fusion of colors or go with a simple black and white garment to let your shoes really pop. Great with silver and gold, blue will be the ideal color to add to any outfit!


Plays well with: neutrals, green, pink, navy blue and aqua blue.

A royal purple as well as lavender will fit perfectly into a pretty pastel outfit. Also try a light pink or a pastel aqua combined with a bright purple. Go for closely related hues of blue for a fail-proof pairing. Be bold and mix with a lemongrass yellow-green hue for an intense contrast, but remember to balance with neutrals.


Plays Well With: For silver: neutrals, black, white, red, purple, and blues. // For gold: neutrals, black, white, red, blues, maroon, and emerald.

Silver and gold are neutrals or sorts. After all, you incorporate jewelry seamlessly into your outfits, why not think of metallic accessories in much the same way? With a pair a silver pumps go for the basics of black, white and of course neutrals. If you’re in the mood for a little color pairing, work with bold colors that come from gem tones like deep purple, pinkish-red, and dark blues. The ‘gem tone’ feel of these royal hues will sit nicely with a shiny silver accent.

Good as gold, that’s what you’ll be when you pair a gold shoe with rich maroons, emeralds, and bevy of blues. Gold, much like silver, will work best with deep colors of the gem tone variety. The colors in this spectrum have a lustrous deep hue that is perfectly complimented by the shine that metallic give off.

Now that you have the tools to successfully mix and match colorful shoes try putting them to the test! Do you have a favorite crazy colored shoe that you love to rock?

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Dressing For A Business Dinner

April 12th // 3 Comments

Attending business dinners, charity events and fundraisers calls for a touch of sophistication added to your daily corporate wardrobe. Evening soirees require even more attention to detail than your average day at the office. The ultimate goal being to look refined and elegant.

Tips For Choosing an Appropriate Outfit:

  • Fabrics matter! Go with satin, silk or chiffon fabrics that have an airy feminine feel. These high quality materials will further prove your elegance. When choosing satin, make sure your dress or skirt is perfectly tailored; this fabric shows imperfections easily but when executed properly, looks like perfection.

  • Choose deep gem toned colors for evening attire. Maroon, black, royal blue, deep purple or emerald are great choices. These shades will transition nicely into evening hours while still allowing you to shine. Silver and gold satin are also gorgeous on garments but make sure you’re not attracting too much attention by going with a ‘sparkling’ garment; rather stay with a sheen.

  • Leave the suit at home and slip into something a little sexier like a structured dress or skirt and blouse combo. Dinner is a time to dress up, unlike a casual lunch. Don’t be afraid to take a slight risk and deviate from the normal corporate wardrobe. To ensure your business-fancy appearance is taken seriously be sure to have a fitted blazer on hand for times when it gets chilly.

  • ‘Sexy’ yet refined – be sure that whatever garments you choose are tailored correctly to your body and are not shorter than what you would normally wear to the office. The same applies to necklines – nothing too low to be deemed inappropriate for office hours. Open toe shoes may be acceptable depending upon the type of work environment you are in. Corporate business – stick to closed toe shoes, always. Slightly more casual – feel free to play with sandal heels or peep-toe pumps.

  • Accessorize! Wear something sparkling. Keep the focus on your face try adding a pair of studs or a statement necklace in mixed jewels to brighten up your night time ensemble. Do not wear garments that have sequins, glitter or have overly metallic qualities – they may be too flashy and distracting.

  • Choose a smaller bag that holds the essentials (pen, extra notepad, business cards, touch up makeup, keys and wallet) instead of your large tote or briefcase. You may be networking or discussing work but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be required to write anything up at evening events. Save yourself the hassle of carrying a clutch and opt for a small bag with a long strap to hang on your shoulder so your hands are free. Have fun with the color of your bag by going with one that matches your outfit in a coordinated fashion or try one that adds a pop of color against a dark ensemble.

Dressing with the right intention goes a long way and can really help you meet your goals. Whether you’re dressing to get the job, make a favorable impression with working clients or networking over an evening meal, this guide will steer you in the right direction to make the most of your event.


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